Benefits of Pilates London

Pilates exercise is one of the famous forms of exercise and now it has become prominent exercise. It is not wrong to say that Pilates is famous among people including movie stars, professional dancers and even some sports personalities. The question is why is Pilates London getting popular and what it can do that other exercises can’t?

Pilates London

We need to understand what is Pilates? It strengthens the core of the body, deep abdominal muscles, pelvic stabilizers, the back and it creates flexibility in the spine. This continual focus can help you get rid of your belly bulge and can give you a completely new look. When you do Pilates, it will remind you of Yoga. Some people still have confusion and they often ask that how Pilate’s exercises relate to Yoga?  In some poses, the two seems exactly the same, but there is a major difference. While doing Yoga, you often hold a pose, but in Pilates you are always moving. In Pilates your whole body get engaged, no matter if you are just focusing on one area only.

Many people, who do heavy exercises, have a problem of muscles’ imbalances as muscles work in isolation. With Pilates, you use many muscles same time. You also stretch and strengthen muscles during the same exercise. In Pilates, you are always focused on your body your alignment, your breathing, the way you are doing your movements. This increased body awareness can help you maintain better posture, it can help you relax muscle tension through proper breathing, and it can help you reduce stress.

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